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We take care of our residents in every way possible.

At all of our independent living retirement villages, you can expect a supervisor on-site at all times, as well as a resident and entertainment committee appointed by the residents. We also ensure ongoing maintenance of each property.

The supervisor contacts all single occupants daily to monitor the state of their health. At all of our villages, there is emergency medical and security assistance available 24/7, over and above an intercom system and an emergency panic alarm connected to both the village supervisor and external service providers.

As a resident of any of the ECHO Foundation villages, you will also have access to:

  • primary health care via an on-site clinic staffed by nursing personnel
  • social services via ECHO Foundation social workers and carers
  • a step-down facility, assisted living and frail care centre

Each of our villages has its own unique offerings.

Have a look at each one to find the right one for your retirement lifestyle.

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