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The best possible care from assisted living to frail care

When you join the ECHO family, we commit to walking your journey with you – wherever that may lead.

We understand that you value your independence, and that is why we offer many independent living options – from rental to life right – in our multitude of villages. And our primary healthcare and social services team is available for all who reside in our villages – from independent living to frail care.

But sometimes you need a little more help in your day-to-day activities, and we offer assistance on varying levels where this would be applicable.

Assisted Living

For those who just need help with specific tasks, we have within our Care Centre a small section serviced by a team of full-time carers. They are available for scheduled daily or weekly assistance in the few tasks which you might struggle with on your own.  

You will still be able to maintain your independence and enjoy the rest of your free time to the fullest.

Sick bay Facility

Our sick bay facility is available for all ECHO residents on a temporary basis for those recuperating from acute medical or surgical conditions.

An example of this might be that you have had a hospital stay and been discharged, but just need a little help towards the remainder of your recovery process before you can move back into your home in one of our independent living villages.

Our sick bay facilities are situated in Munro Kirk and Lapa Munnik, along with our frail care centre.

Frail Care

Our Munro Kirk and Lapa Munnik frail care facilities are situated in South End, Gqeberha (formerly Port Elizabeth) – next door to our head office – and has the capacity of 150 frail care beds for residents requiring aged care.

What you can expect from our frail care centre, apart from complete peace of mind, is:

Extra services included for all residents at the frail care centre:

Activities conducted by our dedicated activity organiser:

Secure your retirement today

When you join the ECHO family, we commit to supporting your new lifestyle and ensuring that you have an enjoyable and exciting retirement.  

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