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“I could not have been more blessed, coming to live here almost 30 years ago”, said retired teacher Mrs Molly Higginbottom of Laubscher Park West. She said the friendly, comfortable and secure life at the Village provides peace of mind.

“I have no family and when I broke my hip some time ago, I was transferred to sickbay, the care I received there saved my life. Today, I continue normally, living in my own place and cooking for myself again, with the knowledge that assistance is at hand should I need it”, she said.


Mr William Edward Bayford of Kruger Gardens moved to the ECHO Foundation (the then Red Cross) village 22 years ago. “Coming to live here with my wife is the greatest move I ever made. My wife and I decided many years ago we never wanted to become a burden to our own children. Little did we realize we were about to be adopted by a whole new family that truly cared. The support I received from the ECHO staff when my wife became ill and even after she eventually passed away some four years ago – and even now – while I live on my own, is something that cannot be bought with any amount of money. Here at the ECHO Foundation people really care”, he said. Smiling, he explained how he had to call in to the office every morning before 8am to report that everything was in order, “otherwise they call me or someone knocks on my door”, he said.


Reminiscing on the time when he could find no place of care for his sick wife who was hospitalized in Durban some years ago, Mr Stan Anderson, from the comfort of his neat Lapa Munnik home, recalled how the staff at the Foundation made plans to accommodate him and his wife a few years ago. “God only knows what would have happened to my wife if Matron Jones did not put our case forward at the committee meeting that day. Today, I am one of many happy residents who realize how privileged we are to live here”, he said.


Retired Reverend, Doug Birtill and his wife Joan, have been living at Laubscher Park West for the past five years chose the particular village because of it close proximity to the shopping centres. “Our health did not allow us to stay on in the flat where we lived before. We are very happy here and find the other residents very helpful and friendly, and our village supervisor efficient and caring”, Mr. Birtill said.