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ECHO Foundation is your affordable and accessible housing solution.

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This is your ‘pay-as-you-go’ tenancy option. If you choose to rent, you can expect to pay one monthly amount, which includes your monthly levies. This will cover building maintenance, security surveillance and monitoring, municipal charges (excluding electricity and water), village nursing clinics, social services and the use of all village facilities.

Life Right

Compared with rental like a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option, life right is the alternative whereby you pay your rent upfront for a fixed period of approximately 13 years. The advantage is that you avoid annual increases to rentals.

We are committed to walking your journey with you.

In our Munro Kirk and Lapa Munnik villages, we have our frail care centre, as well as our sick bay, which is available for all of our residents on a temporary basis for those recuperating from acute medical or surgical conditions.

We understand that you value your independence.

For those who only need help with specific tasks, we have within our Care Centre a small section serviced by a team of full-time carers, available for scheduled daily or weekly assistance in the few tasks which you might struggle with on your own. 

Facilities and Activities

Each village offers a unique set of facilities for our residents to make use of.
These can include:

Entertainment centre and community hall

Communal braai, kitchen and bar facilities

Swimming pool

Hair salon


Snooker room


Lawn croquet

Secure your retirement today

When you join the ECHO family, we commit to supporting your new lifestyle and ensuring that you have an enjoyable and exciting retirement.  

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