Offering a safe and secure lifestyle

At ECHO Foundation, we offer more than just a physical home.

We offer a safe and secure lifestyle with holistic approach to ensure that you are taken care of in every way while you maintain your independence and live your retirement the way you’ve always wanted.

Social Services & Support

We have a team of social workers who are able to assess your circumstances and continuously offer support, not only as you adjust to your new home, but also further down the line.

Primary Health Clinics & Support

At the press of your panic button, you can call us and emergency health services. Each village also has access to ambulances for emergencies and offer the services of a general health clinic onsite.

Safety & Security

Each village is enclosed with electric fencing and fitted with CCTV cameras, which are constantly monitored. Our panic buttons reach private security companies whose vehicles are always close by. Entry of each village is also secure.

Maintenance Services

Included in your monthly rental or levy, we provide continuous maintenance of your property, both inside and out, as well as of the commons areas. This includes ensuring that the lawns are mowed and that the buildings are painted every few years (exterior and interior).

Internet Connectivity

We are in the process of having fibre installed at all our villages. Once this is complete, residents will be able to connect with available internet service providers of their choice.

Solar Project

We have taken on the powers of solar energy via Sun Exchange – the world’s first peer-to-peer solar leasing platform. This serves as both a sustainable energy source, as well as an added source of income for the organisation.

Secure your retirement today

When you join the ECHO family, we commit to supporting your new lifestyle and ensuring that you have an enjoyable and exciting retirement.  

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